Xenomorph & Neomorph Panther by PON (Stickers)


-Xenomorph Panther is 7" x 4"

-Neomorph Panther is 7" x 4"

-Xenomorph Panther (Holographic) is 4.5" x 2.5"

-Neomorph Panther (Glow-In-Dark) is 4.5" x 2.5"

-All Stickers are Open Edition

-All Stickers printed by StickerApp except Neomorph (G.i.D) by Two Crows Printing

- Shipping for Domestic Orders is $1.00 and International is $3.50 We do combine shipping on two or more orders

-All Stickers will be shipped in Envelope to reduce shipping cost.

-If you would like tracking on this item please add the Tracking Option on the drop down menu to your cart UNLESS you are also purchasing a Pin/Print than tracking automatically included (U.S.A Only)

-If you are purchasing a bunch of stickers and want tracking you only have to add Tracking Option once on any sticker drop down menu (U.S.A Only)

-Limit 5 of this item per Household

***PLEASE NOTE: If you Do Not select drop down option for tracking on U.S.A. Orders or you are Purchasing outside of the U.S.A than ALL STICKER SALES ARE FINAL***